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About FindWater

FindWater is an app that allows cyclists and trail lovers to have acess to a database of georeferenced water points, where they can refill their bottles and also mark new points if they are non-exitent on the plataform. In order to avoid overloading water bottles or even demijohns, this app was designed for you.


Access to several drinking water along the trails;

Unnecessary overloading of bottles or demijohns;

Possibility to add and share new routes;

Avoids the excessive use of plastic with regard to water bottles;

Access to water points without internet;

Adequate hydration


Did you know that more than two million tons of plastic bottles are sold every year?

Worldwide, one million plastic bottles are purchased per minute, which means that around 20,000 plastic bottles are purchased per second, but only 6% of these numbers are produced using recycled plastic.

Thus, Find Water was created with the main objective of helping cyclists and trail lovers not to be loaded with water bottles, in order to have access to drinking water during their journey. Our green goal is that the purchase of plastic water bottles will be reduced by filling bottles at each stop.

We call on our users to join this green mission, in order to contribute a little more to a better planet.

Leave the hydration part to us!

“Of this water, I will not drink!”

And what if it's drinkable?


When exercising do not forget to hydrate!

It is recommended to ingest 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water per day.

This hydration associated with physical activity becomes even more important. When the body is in motion it generates internal heat, which leads to sweating and loss of fluid in the body. Thus, it is necessary to increase the intake of fluids to prepare the fluids lost during exercise.

There are several different types of dehydration, depending on the amount of liquid you have in your body:


At this level of dehydration, the athlete only feels a thirst and more frequent tiredness due to muscle weakness;


There is an increase in body temperature which can cause weight loss and heart problems such as tachycardia;p>


When the body reaches this level of dehydration there may be a loss in blood pressure, hyperthermia and loss of consciousness;

Use Find Water and plan your next adventure!

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